All about those Chedz!!

So for this weeks blog post I’m going to talk about something outside of the fashion industry, only because I went to an amazing event today that I just can’t help not talk about it.

Photo by Chelsea

Photo by Chelsea

I went up to Portland today to a New Seasons Marketplace to help demonstration a new and upcoming favorite snack, Chedz! Chedz were started by Hall Brands about three years and they launched their first product line Chedz. These premium, baked cheese snacks have been in numerous New Seasons markets and Whole Foods in the Portland area since December. I was able to taste these snacks and learn all sorts of facts about them.

Susan and Matt Hall are the owners and founders of Chedz, and Hall Brands,and they started their company in Portland and that’s where they reside today. These premium cheese snacks are: all natural, low carb, source of protein, no sugar, source of vitamin A and calcium and they’re made with real Tillamook Sharp Cheddar.

Chedz are offered in two different flavors and they have gluten free ones too!

Photo by Chelsea

Photo by Chelsea

There are mild and spicy regular and then mild and spicy gluten free. The gluten free ones are good too! You know how some gluten free products just taste like dust and chalk? Well these don’t, you actually can’t tell a huge difference between the two! Which is awesome. These great little snacks are hand made in small batches in a warehouse on the waterfront downtown and Susan and Matt distribute all the product themselves!

For all you “Portlandians” go to your local New Seasons or Whole Foods and pick some up! Otherwise, all you “Eugeneians” will have to travel up I-5 North to get some! Or you can just bombard my house!

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