YaY Wallet 1.0, this spring’s new go-to slim wallet!


Have you ever gotten so annoyed with receipts bulking up your wallet or not having enough slits for your credit cards? Do you simply just want an ultra slim, custom constructed wallet? Well then try the YaY Wallet 1.0 that’s launching on May 7!

YaY Wallet is an American company where each and every wallet is handcrafted, highly  durable and woven with elastic. Sunchea Phou, the founder of YaY Wallet, has a vision and knows exactly what she wants, and her vision runs through her budding company; all the way from design to manufacturing as well as to every employee who believes in the brand.

Phou is the type of woman who loves creating fun and functional products; I mean she has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years! All she wants to do is something that makes everyone’s lives easier. She is also the type of woman who believes in being honest and transparent in her business practices along with standing up for business ethics.

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I believe that she’s on the most exhilarating rollercoaster ride and loving life right now, I mean she is an entrepreneur and has the control to create her own destiny simply by doing what she loves, how lucky! Plus, she founded this business to facilitate giving back to the community and non-profits, which must make her feel awesome! YaY Wallet partners with these non-profits to create a branded wallet with the organization’s logo and 50 percent of the retail sales will go to benefit their cause. I will absolutely be purchasing one of these awesome wallets to support these causes!

The YaY Wallet 1.0 will be available on Wednesday exclusively through CrowdSupply. These ultra slim,Photo by Jon Bebe  
handcrafted wallets accommodate two to ten credit cards with ease. They’ll even be offered in a wide variety of graphics and prints, there will literally be one for every individual and personality out there!

Personally, I think that Phou has done an excellent job enabling an efficient process through integrating design, manufacturing and distribution. The company also has an exceptional printing ability where the product will enter the market quickly and the graphics will [accurately] echo current fashion and culture trends.

I definitely can’t wait to pick up my personal handcrafted YaY Wallet 1.0 on Wednesday!  Until then, to learn more and see these fantastic and durable wallets check out the YaY website, and while you’re there check out this awesome video to see these affordable and custom constructed wallets in action!

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I would also like to give a special thanks to Jon and Mandy Bebe for giving me the opportunity to join them in spreading the word about the YaY Wallet 1.0 launch and for all of the provided details of the launch. I also want to thank them both for the above product photos which were taken by Jon himself.