A Little About Infographics

Hello all! So for one of my classes here at the UO I made a mock infographic for a client of my choice. The class that I am enrolled in is a part of my PR sequence; J452 is a writing intensive course that focuses on improving student’s writing skills.

Infographics can be extremely valuable in the work place. Many people use them to show comparisons, such as bar graphs or pie charts, along with icons to represent groups.

According to MDG, infographics “illustrate information clearly and quickly in graphic form, which would otherwise be lengthy and complex in text form.” Which I completely agree with, and I think that infographics really are the ideal way for people to communicate whose attention and time are both limited. MDG also says that infographics condense complex information into graphical elements that are attention grabbing. Infographics really capture a person’s eye and absorbs their mind. Which I 100 percent agree with.

Now, I have a few tips to creating an infographic. First off, don’t be surprised to want to pull your hair out or scrap your design what seems like 500 times. This is normal. It just takes patience and love.

  • Well researched and accurate data is crucial. If you don’t have research to back up your infographic, you have a problem.
  • An intriguing and eye catching design.
  • Be patient. It will take time to make your graphic perfect, and often times it won’t be what you expected.
  • Play with the typography, spacing, alignment and colors. All these factors can make an infographic that much stronger.
  • For personal use, an interesting topic that bloggers and readers will want to share.
  • For professional use, stay within the color scheme of the company; you want the graphic to be appealing to them.

These tips are based off of my personal experience from making an infographic and tips that I think would be helpful. Below is the infographic that I created for my J452 class. I created a mock infographic for Nordstrom, Inc.

While creating my infographic, I thought of myself as a PR professional that already worked for Nordstrom, Inc. and whom was asked to create a plan to convince the higher-ups of Nordstrom to allocate more funds to e-commerce, mobile commerce and IT.

I encourage all my readers to give me feedback, as I am still a student, I love constructive criticism that will help me become the absolute best professional I can be.

Until next time,