10 reasons PR is a tough job

Hello all, so I’m going to go on a little rant about a sudden realization, and let me tell you, it has been an absolute crazy last two weeks. This is the end of week nine here at the UO and life as a J-student is hectic as ever. Especially going into my senior year, I mean wow!

This last week I realized I only have one year left in Eugene, and I just registered for my last fall term on Thursday. Since then, I’ve understood that I now have to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. As a double major in PR and advertising, I have heard from professors, friends and academic advisors to not double major. But I like to be uncomfortable and pushed outside of my comfort zone; so I took on the challenge.

Although one year may seem like a long time, I don’t think it is. I need to figure out where I want to live, if I’m going to continue educating myself and get a masters or if I want to take some time off and travel abroad. I have so many options, and what seems like such a short amount of time.

I will make it work, and as I’m getting closer to graduation I’ve began researching what it would be like to work in the world of communications and some of the difficulties that come along with being a PR professional. I’ve been trying to find real world advice so that I am best prepared, and I stumbled upon this article.

Image from PR Daily article

Image from PR Daily article

Ragan’s PR Daily made a list of 10 reasons why being a PR pro is one of the toughest jobs you could have. So this week that’s what I’m going to talk about! However, I’ve tweaked the list a little to keep with the overall theme of my blog. To see PR Daily’s original 10 reasons read this article.

10. Demanding clients. They always want more results. Which I believe is the same for fashion communications and PR professionals in general.
9. Demanding clients/designers. See above.
8. Go-sees, meetings, fittings, repeat. Everyday is filled with these, and even more so during fashion week.
7. Time management difficulties. No matter how many clients you have, how many designers you’re working for, or how many fittings you have to be at, the work has to get done. Don’t forget that, you can do it!
6. Getting the raise you want is no easy feat. The economy aside, it’s tough enough showcasing the value in the results we achieve for clients. I believe the fashion world is one of the most competitive fields to be a part of, so work hard and you’ll get noticed for all your hard work.
5. New tools keep appearing. There is a constant need to stay on top of the newest resources that are available and a need to be prepared to offer counsel on them. This is something I believe will never change.
4. Nothing is harder than securing a top-tier media interview. Even when we send polished resumes and have adequate training and skills, it is still difficult to get those interviews you really want. Keep striving!
3. Nothing is harder than securing an interview, regardless of outlet. There are fewer media outlets and reporters than ever before.
2. You’re always on-call. There’s no traditional work schedule. I think if you check any fashion communicators inbox, you’ll find conversations happening at every time of the day.

Lastly, according to PR Daily, the number one reason why being a PR professional is one of the toughest jobs you could have:

1. “To borrow a line from Rodney Dangerfield: Hey, we get no respect. Whether it’s battling for more budget from clients or defending ourselves against the actions of unethical agencies and PR pros, we always have an uphill battle against others.”

Well, there you go. That is a combination of 10 reasons why PR is a tough job in both fashion communications and in for PR professionals in general. Hopefully reading this, it will better prepare me for the future!

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A Little About Infographics

Hello all! So for one of my classes here at the UO I made a mock infographic for a client of my choice. The class that I am enrolled in is a part of my PR sequence; J452 is a writing intensive course that focuses on improving student’s writing skills.

Infographics can be extremely valuable in the work place. Many people use them to show comparisons, such as bar graphs or pie charts, along with icons to represent groups.

According to MDG, infographics “illustrate information clearly and quickly in graphic form, which would otherwise be lengthy and complex in text form.” Which I completely agree with, and I think that infographics really are the ideal way for people to communicate whose attention and time are both limited. MDG also says that infographics condense complex information into graphical elements that are attention grabbing. Infographics really capture a person’s eye and absorbs their mind. Which I 100 percent agree with.

Now, I have a few tips to creating an infographic. First off, don’t be surprised to want to pull your hair out or scrap your design what seems like 500 times. This is normal. It just takes patience and love.

  • Well researched and accurate data is crucial. If you don’t have research to back up your infographic, you have a problem.
  • An intriguing and eye catching design.
  • Be patient. It will take time to make your graphic perfect, and often times it won’t be what you expected.
  • Play with the typography, spacing, alignment and colors. All these factors can make an infographic that much stronger.
  • For personal use, an interesting topic that bloggers and readers will want to share.
  • For professional use, stay within the color scheme of the company; you want the graphic to be appealing to them.

These tips are based off of my personal experience from making an infographic and tips that I think would be helpful. Below is the infographic that I created for my J452 class. I created a mock infographic for Nordstrom, Inc.

While creating my infographic, I thought of myself as a PR professional that already worked for Nordstrom, Inc. and whom was asked to create a plan to convince the higher-ups of Nordstrom to allocate more funds to e-commerce, mobile commerce and IT.

I encourage all my readers to give me feedback, as I am still a student, I love constructive criticism that will help me become the absolute best professional I can be.

Until next time,


All about those Chedz!!

So for this weeks blog post I’m going to talk about something outside of the fashion industry, only because I went to an amazing event today that I just can’t help not talk about it.

Photo by Chelsea

Photo by Chelsea

I went up to Portland today to a New Seasons Marketplace to help demonstration a new and upcoming favorite snack, Chedz! Chedz were started by Hall Brands about three years and they launched their first product line Chedz. These premium, baked cheese snacks have been in numerous New Seasons markets and Whole Foods in the Portland area since December. I was able to taste these snacks and learn all sorts of facts about them.

Susan and Matt Hall are the owners and founders of Chedz, and Hall Brands,and they started their company in Portland and that’s where they reside today. These premium cheese snacks are: all natural, low carb, source of protein, no sugar, source of vitamin A and calcium and they’re made with real Tillamook Sharp Cheddar.

Chedz are offered in two different flavors and they have gluten free ones too!

Photo by Chelsea

Photo by Chelsea

There are mild and spicy regular and then mild and spicy gluten free. The gluten free ones are good too! You know how some gluten free products just taste like dust and chalk? Well these don’t, you actually can’t tell a huge difference between the two! Which is awesome. These great little snacks are hand made in small batches in a warehouse on the waterfront downtown and Susan and Matt distribute all the product themselves!

For all you “Portlandians” go to your local New Seasons or Whole Foods and pick some up! Otherwise, all you “Eugeneians” will have to travel up I-5 North to get some! Or you can just bombard my house!

Until next time,

YaY Wallet 1.0, this spring’s new go-to slim wallet!


Have you ever gotten so annoyed with receipts bulking up your wallet or not having enough slits for your credit cards? Do you simply just want an ultra slim, custom constructed wallet? Well then try the YaY Wallet 1.0 that’s launching on May 7!

YaY Wallet is an American company where each and every wallet is handcrafted, highly  durable and woven with elastic. Sunchea Phou, the founder of YaY Wallet, has a vision and knows exactly what she wants, and her vision runs through her budding company; all the way from design to manufacturing as well as to every employee who believes in the brand.

Phou is the type of woman who loves creating fun and functional products; I mean she has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years! All she wants to do is something that makes everyone’s lives easier. She is also the type of woman who believes in being honest and transparent in her business practices along with standing up for business ethics.

YaY1040 Day Dreaming Nay frt

I believe that she’s on the most exhilarating rollercoaster ride and loving life right now, I mean she is an entrepreneur and has the control to create her own destiny simply by doing what she loves, how lucky! Plus, she founded this business to facilitate giving back to the community and non-profits, which must make her feel awesome! YaY Wallet partners with these non-profits to create a branded wallet with the organization’s logo and 50 percent of the retail sales will go to benefit their cause. I will absolutely be purchasing one of these awesome wallets to support these causes!

The YaY Wallet 1.0 will be available on Wednesday exclusively through CrowdSupply. These ultra slim,Photo by Jon Bebe  
handcrafted wallets accommodate two to ten credit cards with ease. They’ll even be offered in a wide variety of graphics and prints, there will literally be one for every individual and personality out there!

Personally, I think that Phou has done an excellent job enabling an efficient process through integrating design, manufacturing and distribution. The company also has an exceptional printing ability where the product will enter the market quickly and the graphics will [accurately] echo current fashion and culture trends.

I definitely can’t wait to pick up my personal handcrafted YaY Wallet 1.0 on Wednesday!  Until then, to learn more and see these fantastic and durable wallets check out the YaY website, and while you’re there check out this awesome video to see these affordable and custom constructed wallets in action!

Until next time,

I would also like to give a special thanks to Jon and Mandy Bebe for giving me the opportunity to join them in spreading the word about the YaY Wallet 1.0 launch and for all of the provided details of the launch. I also want to thank them both for the above product photos which were taken by Jon himself.